Common Handbook Mistakes #4

It is important for an employer to be clear about the nature and scope of the work relationship.  Relying on your workforce to read your mind only results in misunderstandings and hard feelings.  Neither is good for morale. That brings us to… Mistake 4 No “At Will” policy. “At Will” employment is one of those concepts that we understand on one level but don’t care for on another because it sounds so harsh. It means that an employer is free to end the employment relationship at any time, for any legal reason, with or without notice and without consideration of the employee’s length of … CONTINUE READING



Common Handbook Mistakes #3

Communication is a two way street. It is not just the message that you send it also involves how the recipient perceives the message. This is where some employers drop the ball.  The message sent by management to their workforce makes complete sense to management but it is perceived differently by … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes #2

I know this next handbook mistake is going to make everyone think that I am related to the Grinch that stole Christmas. Other than a passing resemblance, that is not true. The Grinch is taller and smiles more. As an employer, you need to remember that your handbook is a tool to communicate to … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes

This post will be the first in a series of posts on common mistakes that employers make when they prepare a handbook.  Contrary to popular belief, a handbook is not something that you whip together on … [Read More...]

Chronically Late Employees

We have all been late.  Sometimes it is the traffic, sometimes it is your inability to get the kids out to the school bus on time, and sometimes you are late for inexplicable reasons (you know the … [Read More...]